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"Without translation we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence" | George Steiner

We live in a world that is undergoing a continuous process of globalisation, in which languages and cultural differences represent the greatest barriers to the expansion of knowledge, the expansion of the markets and to personal relationships. Therefore, when it comes to crossing borders, good translation is the most essential requirement.

Specialisation, professionalism, commitment and know-how make up the backbone of our philosophy.


At IMM Translates we translate exclusively into our native language. We understand that languages consist not only of an amalgamation of words and grammar rules, but also of cultural traits and customs, unwritten rules and idiosyncrasies which only a native speaker can truly understand and master.


We focus closely on the study of our source languages, English and German, our sole objective being to present our clients with unique translations while ensuring that every concept in the original text is captured.


We guarantee the highest quality of expression, style and faithfulness to the original. We are available to work as part of a team, shoulder to shoulder with you, because your satisfaction is our success.


The translator should not be noticed: the better the quality of our translations, the more invisible we will be to the recipient, and this is one of our guiding principles.